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Why So Many Teams Want to Go on a Wild Goose Chase

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Looking to bond with your colleagues but don’t want to be stuck indoors? Get to know any city in a new and exciting way – as a team – with the scavenger hunt activity, Wild Goose Chase.

After a long day at the office, in meetings, or at a conference, the last thing you and your colleagues probably want is to be stuck indoors.

Your group can get outside and explore the city, while bonding as at team, with Wild Goose Chase.

An urban scavenger hunt, Wild Goose Chase is one of our most popular outdoor team building activities. Energizing and fun challenges will take your group all over downtown, helping your team collaborate and experience any city in a whole new way.

What Makes Wild Goose Chase So Popular?

Wild Goose Chase can help you and your team:

  • Experience any city in a new and exciting way with challenges, such as:

    • History 101 – Teams will need to find a historical monument and record a five-second video of the entire team re-enacting that moment in history.

  • Get to know your colleagues outside of the office with challenges, such as:

    • I Do – Groups must find a store with a wedding dress in the window, and take a photo of at least one teammate proposing to a colleague down on a knee.

  • Interact and connect with people in the community with challenges, such as:

    • Hang ‘Em High – Groups will need to take a photo with all team members high-fiving different strangers simultaneously.

  • Get moving and re-energize with challenges, such as:

    • Jump Up & Get Down – Two teams will have to work together, find a rope, and take a mid-air photo of 10 people jumping and two turning the rope.


How Does Wild Goose Chase Work?

Your group will break out into teams of two to six people, and explore the city as they complete challenges by taking photos and videos of people and places. Each team will need to work together and strategize in order to complete the most challenges before time runs out!

Watch Wild Goose Chase in Action

What Our Customers Are Saying About Wild Goose Chase

“Our activity was not only extremely fun, but easy to use and well organized. Our guests got to have fun while they learned more about the great city we live in. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and the activity was fun and different from anything anyone had ever done before at a convention.” Honda (Wild Goose Chase)

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