CASE STUDY: Why PlentyOfFish Continues to Choose The Amazing Chase for Their Retreat

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When searching for an exciting team building solution for their annual retreat in Whistler BC, PlentyOfFish discovered the perfect fast-paced, hosted event – The Amazing Chase. Find out why they continue to partner with our team and have chosen The Amazing Chase for their retreat four years in a row.

THE QUESTION – “What event would you recommend for an off-site retreat?”

Four years ago, PlentyOfFish connected with our team in search of an exciting outdoor team building activity that they could easily do during their annual retreat in Whistler, BC.

Always on the lookout for new, creative ways to collaborate, they wanted a solution that would allow their group of over 60 employees to get to know each other outside of the office. The organizers were also hoping to leave the facilitation of the event to someone else, so that they could sit back and enjoy the fun.

THE ANSWER – “The Amazing Chase”

As a hosted, outdoor event, The Amazing Chase was the ideal solution. It allowed PlentyOfFish to experience Whistler as a team, and helped them get creative and have fun – without the hassle of planning or running the event themselves.

Highlights from the event include:

  • As teams worked together to complete a variety of challenges, each group had a chance to use their creativity and let loose.

  • With a location-specific Amazing Chase course, the group was able to get outside and experience Whistler Village as a team.

  • Employees had the opportunity to work with colleagues that they don’t normally get to interact with, and they were able to get to know each other outside of the office.

  • After handing the reins over to our team, PlentyOfFish got to relax and enjoy the event.


THE RESULTS – “The event was an absolute success.”

The Amazing Chase was such a success that PlentyOfFish has now chosen the event for their retreat four years in a row! Their team has been consistently thrilled with the results, year after year, saying: “As far as a team building activity for a corporate group goes, I would recommend it, 10/10. I’m always trying to come up with creative ways to expose the team to collaborative new experiences, and in all my time doing so, The Amazing Chase has consistently been the best. It’s fast-paced, fun, and unlikely friendships always result.—” PlentyOfFish 

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