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WATCH: Your Top Questions About Wild Goose Chase Answered

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You asked – our team of event solutions experts answered! Watch the FAQ video to get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Wild Goose Chase.

If you’ve never done a Wild Goose Chase before, you may have some questions about the activity. How does it work? What type of challenges are there? How does the smartphone app work?

You can find the answers to these questions and more by watching the below Wild Goose Chase FAQ video, featuring our team of event solutions experts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wild Goose Chase

1. What is Wild Goose Chase?

Wild Goose Chase is a team building activity that can help your group get out of their comfort zone, have fun, and explore the city. It offers a good mix of unique, creative, and social engagement challenges, where teams can interact with each other and the community. Wild Goose Chase can also help colleagues get to know each other a bit better and have some laughs.

2. How does Wild Goose Chase work?

Participants download our free smartphone app and break out into teams of two to six people. Using their mobile devices, groups complete challenges to earn points.

There’s no set order for the challenges, so teams must strategize to complete as many as they can before time runs out.

3. What type of challenges are in Wild Goose Chase?

Wild Goose Chase challenges are incredibly accessible and can be done anywhere in North America. They are completed by taking photos and videos of people and places around the city. Some challenges require teams to get creative, while others will push participants to get outside of their comfort zones.

  • (Your Name Here) – Create a logo for your team using any materials that you can find, and snap a photo of your creation.

  • Piggy Back – Record a five-second video of a stranger giving a teammate a piggy back ride.

  • Founder’s Day – Find a sign that shows when the town or city was founded, and take a photo of your team with it.
4. How does the smartphone app work?

Participating in Wild Goose Chase is as simple as downloading the app and logging in. It’s user-friendly, and all of the instructions are provided right through your mobile device. 

“The event was a lot of fun for the group, great experience and value for the price. It was a fun way to get the group moving around, interacting with each other, and with people around us downtown.”

— Nestlé (Wild Goose Chase)

Talk to an event solutions expert today to find out more about Wild Goose Chase and learn if it’s the right fit for your group.


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