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Top Team Building Trends of 2016

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Trend #1 – More Customization and Personalization 

Over the last year, organizations have partnered with us to create hundreds of custom challenges and different custom events. In fact, requests to customize activities were up by over 30 per cent in 2015 compared to the previous year.

We’ve seen some very creative requests for customization that are helping tie in activities with organizations’ key messages and goals. For example, we recently created customized Amazing Chase challenges for a global bank featuring their property investments in the city. The activity helped participants become more knowledgeable about a different side of their business.

Whether it’s modifying the activity to match the theme of your event, or building a set of challenges to show off a new business feature – a customized team building activity can help make your event more engaging and memorable for participants.

Trend #2 – More Smartphone Team Building


Activities that use technology, like our budget team building activities, have continued to gain popularity over the last year. More customers are hosting their own team building activities using our smartphone technology – over 25 per cent more than the previous year. Similarly, we’ve seen over a 50 per cent increase in customers choosing to bring in our event coordinators to run smartphone activities for them.

For a lot of our customers, organizing “team building” is not in their job description. Having someone qualified come in to run things helps save massive amounts of time and energy. Our event coordinators are professionals who can take charge of the activity, boost the enthusiasm of participants, and help ensure the experience is a success.

Trend #3 – More Companies Celebrating Success


In the last 12 months, we have seen over a 20 per cent increase in companies looking for activities as part of their quarterly or annual celebrations. Employers are investing more in their employees with rewards and recognition, and one of the most effective ways to celebrate as a group is to reward employees with team experiences.

More companies are coming to us for employee rewards because they consider “regularly celebrating success” to be a standard business practice. Team leaders have found more reasons to celebrate with their employees in the last year, and we expect that trend to continue in the year ahead.

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