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The Best Corporate Outdoor Team Building Activities for Parks

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Want to get your corporate group out of the office for some fresh air and build a stronger team? Discover the top recommended outdoor team building activities for your work group to do at any nearby park.

Looking to get outside and explore the great outdoors? There’s no need to look too far! You can give your team a break from the office, build a stronger team, and enjoy some fresh air with an exciting outdoor team building activity at any of your local parks.

Top Five Corporate Team Building Activities for Parks

1. Corporate Castaways

Corporate Castaways transforms your teammates into tribemates. Groups take on a series of mental and physical challenges to see who can outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition.

What makes Corporate Castaways great for parks?
  • Ideal for large natural spaces, Corporate Castaways offers a variety of outdoor challenges inspired by reality TV 
  • It’s a competitive and high-energy outdoor team building activity  
  • This event encourages your group to be creative in coming up with outside-the-box solutions to fun challenges 
  • It helps drive collaboration and communication among employees 

“This was a superbly facilitated event! Outback Team Building & Training was a lot of fun and provided a great on-site team to help encourage the teams. We had a wonderful time. 10 out of 10!”

— Microsoft (Corporate Castaways)

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Corporate Castaways is popular with organizations like: 

2. Cardboard Boat Building Challenge

Make waves at your event with the Cardboard Boat Building Challenge. In this activity, teams must work together to build boats out of nothing but cardboard, and test them in the water to see if they’ll stay afloat.

What makes Cardboard Boat Building Challenge great for parks?
  • This event requires a body of water for teams to test their cardboard vessels in, so parks with access to lakes or the ocean work perfectly 
  • It’s hands-on, requiring your team to build something together 
  • Your team will enjoy the unique and exciting experience of testing their boat in open water  
  • It’s fun way to get outside into the sun (and possibly the lake or ocean!) 

“Our entire team thought the team building activity was excellent. The timing was great, and your team was very professional and on point. Thank you for the assistance, and when the time and need arises, we will definitely call and/or recommend your organization.”

— The Westin Bonaventure (Cardboard Boat Building Challenge)

Click here to learn more about Cardboard Boat Building Challenge.

Cardboard Boat Building Challenge is popular with organizations like: 

3. CI: The Crime Investigators

An interactive activity, CI: The Crime Investigators gets teams working together to follow evidence, uncover hidden clues, and, ultimately, solve a crime.

What makes CI: The Crime Investigators great for parks?
  • Forests, fields, beaches, and large green spaces make a great backdrop for exciting and challenging crime scenes 
  • Outdoor environments pose an added dimension of challenge  
  • Your group will be able to work collaboratively in a refreshing location 
  • This event will give them the opportunity to work closely with colleagues they may not often collaborate with 

“It was a blast! Even the ones skeptical at first came around and had a great time. It was intense but great. Your team made it fun for us all. Going in we were not sure what we were doing but once evidence was gathered and reviewed, it all comes together.”

— Crane (CI: The Crime Investigators)

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CI: The Crime Investigators is popular with organizations like: 

4. Eagle Glider Construction Challenge

Work together with your colleagues to build eagle gliders out of raw materials, and watch your finished products soar into the sky.

What makes Eagle Glider Construction Challenge great for parks?
  • Wide open spaces make an ideal location for this event 
  • In a park, your team will be able to truly “stretch their wings” as they test their eagle gliders  
  • It’s fun and exciting to watch your gliders soar through the sky and see how far they go  
  • Your gliders will either fly successfully or crash spectacularly 
  • This event offers practical business skills, like leadership, communication, and problem-solving  

“The event was very engaging, and not cheesy. It was the right amount of time and the facilitators had everyone involved. That is an awesome accomplishment, considering the diverse group attending the meetings. Great job!”

— Charah Inc. (Eagle Glider Construction Challenge)

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Eagle Glider Construction Challenge is popular with organizations like: 

5. Custom Event
  • The sky’s the limit when you work with our team to create a custom event 
  • Parks offer endless possibilities for your customized team building experience 
  • Getting out into nature has been shown to have positive effects on employee productivity  
What makes a custom event great for parks?

The sky’s the limit when you work with our team to create a custom event. Parks offer endless possibilities for your customized team building experience.


“We had one of the best team building experiences we’ve EVER had! It was a blast and your team made it all come true!”

— Safelite (Custom Event)

Click here to learn more about Custom Events.

Want to learn more about our most popular outdoor activities? Download your free copy of Top Outdoor Team Building Activities.


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