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New and Improved Version of “Corporate Castaways” Now Available

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Are you ready to turn your teammates into tribemates? Learn more about how your group can take on a series of Survivor-inspired challenges in the new and improved Corporate Castaways – now available in cities all across North America.

Your group can now take part in the new and improved Corporate Castaways!

Perfect for your company BBQ, annual retreat, or summer outing, Corporate Castaways is an exciting outdoor event that will challenge your group with mental and physical activities. Enjoy the Corporate Castaways’ updated event format and fresh challenges in one central location, such as a nearby park or local beach.

Updated Corporate Castaways Event Format

With an improved format and over 10 new challenges,groups can take on a series of exciting activities as they move through a faster, more streamlined setup. Watch as your teammates transform into your tribemates through the following stages of the event!

1. The Formation of Your Tribes

Your on-site event coordinator will divide your group into tribes of six to 10 people, and each team will be challenged to come up with their name and make a flag.

2. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

Your tribe will have to strategize to complete as many challenges as they can before time runs out. Completing challenges earns your team points – the more difficult the activity, the more points awarded!

3. The Tribe Has Spoken

At the end of your event, the tribe who has won the most points will take home the title of Corporate Castaways Champions.

New Corporate Castaways Challenges

Your tribe will have the chance to put a variety of collaborative skills to work in challenges designed to promote team building skills, such as trust, leadership, and strategic thinking.

Each group can choose from a from a range of physical and mental challenges, including:


Each tribe designates a leader to guide their blindfolded teammates through an obstacle course. The blindfolded teammates enter the course one at a time to collect items in their team’s color. The leader will guide teammates using only their voice.


Tribes must work in pairs to collect three sacks that have been hidden in a designated area. Each sack has five to seven letter tiles inside it. Once they’ve found all three bags, tribes must put the tiles together to form a phrase and show the nearest host to earn their points.


Teams compete head-to-head in a food eating challenge. Each tribe must select teammates to eat – potentially unappealing – food items, before they see what’s in the bag. Whoever can finish their food first will earn points for their team.


Find out more about the new and improved Corporate Castaways and how you can add it to your next event.


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