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NEW ACTIVITY: Send Tribute to Troops Abroad with Military Support Mission


Your team can help brighten the days of the brave men and women who are serving abroad. Create custom care packages for troops in the new charitable team building activity, Military Support Mission.

When you’re serving overseas in the military, even the smallest reminder of home can be enough to brighten your day.

It doesn’t take much… sometimes a simple deck of playing cards, packets of your favorite hot sauce, or some microwave popcorn can make all the difference.

In the new philanthropic activity, Military Support Mission, your team can send packages of specialty items and messages of support directly to the troops abroad. This feel-good activity will also help your team get creative and have fun with a variety of team building challenges.


How Does Military Support Mission Work?

Your group will get into teams of six to eight people, and try to complete as many team building challenges as possible using the Outback Team Building & Training app. Each challenge a team completes will earn them points, which they can redeem for specialty care package items.

Everyone will have a chance to customize their care package, and add personal messages of support for the troops abroad. Before sending them out, your group will also be encouraged to share their care packages, and special awards will be given to the team who presents the best one.

See Military Support Mission in Action


What Our Customers Are Saying About Military Support Mission

“Every one of our team members mentioned how much fun they had and that this was one of the best team building activities they’ve been involved in. Just a great experience and the host and her team were awesome! An A+ event all around.” — Safelite PLD

Find out more about Military Support Mission or any other charitable team building activities by getting in touch with us at 1-800-565-8735, via email at info@outbackteambuilding.com, or by requesting a callback using our Contact Us form.


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