Meet the Team: Sarah Stevens

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Get to know the team behind Outback Team Building & Training. This month, meet Sarah Stevens, Human Resources Manager: anthropology enthusiast, singer of show tunes, and dog mom.

Quick Facts

  • Name: Sarah
  • Department: Human Resources 
  • Role: Human Resources Manager

When Sarah was a little girl growing up in Calgary, she dreamt of becoming the next Jane Goodall. She would get lost in the pages of National Geographic, and read any book about primates that she could find. That passion for anthropology sparked an interest in human behavior (after all, chimpanzees and humans share 96% of the same DNA) and she went on to study human resources in university. With her warm demeanor and an affinity for helping people, it was a natural fit.

Sarah also has a passion for the arts. She recently discovered that she loves to sing — show tunes, in particular — and plans on taking lessons to further hone her craft. She is a certified makeup artist (she still does weddings sometimes, mostly for friends) and finds inspiration in vintage era-looks: think Barbra Streisand in the 1960’s.

Speaking of Streisand, the iconic singer is the namesake of Sarah’s King Charles Spaniel, Babs. Sarah describes Babs as a joy, with a little bit of attitude!


Favorite team building activity: The Amazing Chase. I love that the Amazing Chase activity gets the adrenaline going by having teams outside of the office and exploring!

Favorite musical artist: Here are a few of my favorites:  Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Prince.

Best thing about my job: Outback’s amazing culture, working with such successful, driven people, and the development opportunity in my role.

One thing you might not expect about me: I’m a part of an undefeated pub trivia team and I’m a big Calgary Flames fan!

Most memorable trip I’ve ever taken: New York City is my favorite place. I love the food, the comedy scene, and the musicals!

Favorite song: “Green is the Color” by Pink Floyd

Book I can read again and again: “Bossypants”  by Tina Fey

The greatest mentor in my life has been: My brother. He has always inspired and motivated me to stay true to myself and do what I love!

The perfect way to spend a weekend: Cooking lots of delicious food and spending time with my friends, family, and, of course, lots of time with my puppy!

Achievement (in either work or life) I’m most proud of so far: I’m most proud of the life I’ve built in Vancouver and of my family.


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