How to Create a Successful CSR Program in 3 Easy Steps


Want to introduce corporate social responsibility to your organization, but not sure where to begin? These easy-to-follow guidelines will help explain how you can set up an effective CSR plan at work.

It’s never too late – or early – to start thinking about CSR. The ethical practice can have major benefits for your business, the environment, and your community. But launching your own CSR program may seem daunting because:

  • Making a big impact seems unrealistic or unattainable.
  • You’re not sure who or what to support, and how to sustain a case.
  • You don’t know how to start integrating CSR into your workplace.

Don’t worry, though – the truth is that setting up an effective CSR plan is actually quite easy. It just takes a little bit of reflection on your purpose as a business and what you really want to achieve. Here are three simple and effective steps you can take to form your own CSR program:

1. Reassess Your Core Values

Your core values are the fundamental beliefs that you live and work by, so re-evaluating them is an important first step in aligning yourself with a philanthropic effort. That way, you can support something that matches what you stand for. Your core values directly:

  • Reflect your identity. They represent who you are and what you believe in. As such, you’ll want to engage in a CSR initiative that you genuinely connect with.

  • Support your business’ vision. Your principles define what’s truly important to the organization and help put your goals into perspective. The cause that you choose should fit in with those things.

  • Help you navigate your decision-making process. Your core values guide your behavior and influence all of your interactions – as well as the manner in which you practice CSR.

2. Find an Organization to Support

Try to pair with a cause that you can really commit to for the long-term. In order to have a successful partnership, set viable goals that you can realistically accomplish and that are also financially feasible for your business. So, how do you go about finding a like-minded organization?

  • Do some research. Search Google, talk to your co-workers about what they’re passionate about, or take a closer look at the needs of your local community.

  • Connect with people in your industry network. They might have some inside insight on an organization you can partner with or resources you can tap into.

  • Reference a charity directory like GuideStar. This is a great site to explore, especially if you’re stuck on what exactly to look for.

Try to find something that resonates with your company and that makes sense for you to support. This demonstrates trustworthiness and consistency for your brand.

3. Integrate CSR into Your Company Culture 

Try to be socially responsible in your daily practices at work. It’s even better if you can do this in a way that supports your CSR initiative. It’ll show your commitment, as well as help employees get excited about giving back and feeling engaged in the process. Some easy and flexible ways that you can apply compassion to your workplace include:

  • Giving employees time off to volunteer. You can also organize company-wide volunteer days, where good deeds related to your CSR efforts are done as a team.

  • Participating in a philanthropic team building activity that benefits your CSR initiative. This will have your colleagues bonding while working towards a charitable goal. Win-win!

  • Making simple efforts around the office to support your CSR program. For example, stocking up your fridge with fair trade products or starting a compost bin if you are trying to support an environmental cause.

Learn More About Corporate Social Responsibility

Check out Everything Your Business Needs to Know About CSR for an all-encompassing guide to the above resources. If you need further support, reach out to one of our knowledgeable Employee Engagement Consultants.


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