CASE STUDY: How One Group Made Their Outdoor City Tour “Amazing”

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Find out how one corporate group enhanced an outdoor city tour with a custom Amazing Chase. Teams loved the fun challenges and called the race “perfect.”

Exploring the City with Exciting Outdoor Challenges

When one group from a pharmaceutical organization got in touch with our team, their goal was to get outside, explore Philadelphia, and do something active together. Originally interested in a walking tour, this group quickly shifted focus when they realized The Amazing Chase could:

  • Get them touring the city in a more active way – by racing each other
  • Help them explore Philadelphia with fun challenges and objectives
  • Let them learn more about the city with interactive trivia

This Amazing Chase brought many fun and unique challenges to life. Teams got right into the spirit of the activity – running from challenge to challenge and completing tasks with smiles on their faces.

making outdoor city tour amazing2 1

With the company’s headquarters located outside of the big city, challenges were designed to speak to the group’s goal of exploring Philadelphia, while being active. For example, one challenge had the teams doing an intricate acrobatic pose in front of one of the buildings that house the Liberty Bell.

Having partnered with us last year on another team building activity, this was the second time that the group took part in one of our events. After such success last fall, our team was thrilled to hear that the group had just as much fun this time around.

“We LOVED it! It was the perfect event for our group and everyone had a great time. 10/10!”

Get Outside This Summer with More Outdoor Group Activities

Your team can take advantage of the beautiful weather this summer and get outside with The Amazing Chase, or any of our other fun and interactive outdoor team building activities. If you’re looking to get your group out of the office, away from their desks, and enjoying your city, you can choose from a range of outdoor solutions, such as:

  • Wild Goose Chase – One of our most popular team building activities, Wild Goose Chase is perfect for groups at any fitness level. Teams set their own pace as they try to complete as many challenges as possible, taking fun photos of people and places in your community.

  • Cardboard Boat Building Challenge – An ideal group activity for warm weather, the Cardboard Boat Building Challenge has groups constructing cardboard boats – and then testing them in a lake, ocean, or pool!

  • CI: The Crime Investigators – Your team can combine the outdoors with the thrill and mystery of solving a crime in CI: The Crime Investigators. Groups work together to solve clues and collect evidence all over your city.


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