CASE STUDY: How a Satellite Employee “Garnered the Reputation” as Her Team’s Pro Event Planner


Who says you need to be a professional event planner to wow your colleagues with a memorable team building experience? Find out how an employee from Satellite Healthcare has “garnered the reputation as the one who can put together awesome events,” by partnering with our team.

THE QUESTION – “Can you help me put together a memorable and fun team building event?”

When an executive assistant from Satellite Healthcare took on the task of planning a team building event for a group of 15 of her colleagues, she didn’t know where to begin.

After doing some research, she quickly realized how many moving parts there are when planning any kind of group activity. Without support, this task was going to take a significant amount of her time.

However, her challenge was not only in organizing the event itself – it was finding an activity that the entire group would enjoy. Her group was a diverse one, with registered nurses, contract managers, project managers, and an executive, all between the ages of 20 and 60. To further the challenge, most of the participants frequently travel for work, or are based out of different offices across the country – meaning they rarely have the opportunity to work together in person.

She needed a collaborative activity that would help the participants get to know each other, take her little to no time to plan, and would resonate with the entire group.

THE ANSWER – “Military Support Mission”

After speaking with our team, this executive assistant quickly found the ideal activity for her unique group: Military Support Mission.

A competitive, yet collaborative activity, Military Support Mission was an important part of Satellite’s all-day team building event at the Toll House Hotel in Santa Cruz. For three hours, the participants bonded as they completed teamwork challenges, and put together custom packages for troops abroad.

What’s more, several of the participants have family members serving in the military, which made this a particularly meaningful and engaging activity for the diverse group.

Highlights from the activity include:
  • The group planner didn’t have to worry about organizing any part of the activity – our team took care of all the details, from the planning stages, to the execution

  • Teams of five made custom care packages for troops abroad, including personal, handwritten cards and letters

  • Participants were given the opportunity to present their care packages to the rest of the group and share their personal stories

  • Employees from Satellite saw the results of their charity activity – South Bay Blue Star Mothers, a military support group based in Silicon Valley, was on-site to receive the packages

  • The opportunity to get hands-on with supporting the military resonated with all of the participants, and made for a very memorable event


THE RESULTS – “I’ve garnered the reputation as the one who can put together awesome events.”

Satellite’s Military Support Mission activity was a great success. The team had a fantastic time, and the group organizer barely had to lift a finger! She has since received positive feedback from her colleagues, sharing the below with our team:

“I exceeded the expectations of my team and have garnered the reputation as the one who can put together awesome events. It was an awesome and heartwarming experience. Everyone was professional and engaging. 10/10!” 

Satellite Healthcare

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