Five Activities to Keep the Olympic Spirit Alive on Your Team

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Enjoying watching the Olympics with your team? Check out five recommended team building activities to bring that Olympic spirit to your office.

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning, but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering, but fighting well.” – Pierre de Coubertin, Founder of the Modern Olympics

Cooperation. Unity. Fair play. Teamwork. These are just a few of the words that the modern Olympics bring to mind.

Throughout the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the world witnessed some incredible feats of athleticism. But, as at previous Games, some of the most special moments to watch at Rio 2016 were more about the athletes’ compassion, and devotion to their sport, rather than victory. These were moments of comradery or sportsmanship – qualities that have come to represent the Olympic spirit.

In honour of the Games, you can encourage your team to be active, and help inspire the Olympic spirit with outdoor team building activities. By getting employees away from their desks, collaborating, and taking part in friendly competition, you can help your team experience the positive influence of sport.

Five active team building activities for your team to do in honour of Rio 2016

As teams compete against each other in dynamic challenges, they will also have the chance to work together in groups and show cooperation, fair play, and teamwork. You can help your group keep the Olympic spirit alive with:

amazingchase team building hero 2
1. The Amazing Chase 

In The Amazing Chase, your group can feel like they’re taking part in a gamified version of an Olympic race. Teams must work together as they run around the city, take on unique challenges, and try to beat out their competition.

wild goose chase team building hero 1
2. Wild Goose Chase

As a smartphone scavenger hunt, Wild Goose Chase provides teams with a list of exciting tasks, including a few fun, acrobatic challenges. Watch as your group attempts to build a human pyramid – and don’t forget to snap a photo!

cardboard boat building challenge team building hero 2
3. Cardboard Boat Building Challenge 

If your team is more interested in the aquatic Olympic sports, you can get your group in the water with Cardboard Boat Building Challenge. Teams compete to build the best cardboard boat, and then test their final product in a body of water.

minute to win it team building hero3
4. Minute to Win It 

You can help your team be active without heading outdoors with Minute to Win It. This activity gets groups moving indoors with challenges that they must complete in 60 seconds or less, such as balloon volleyball where teams will need to keep their balloons up in the air.

custom events team building hero
5. Custom Activity 

Your group can work with our team to design a custom activity that meets your company’s goals, location, budget, and theme. You can even host your very own Olympics-inspired event.

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