CASE STUDY: Finding a Last-Minute Team Building Activity Over a Holiday

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Planning a team building event can be stressful – especially if you need to find a last-minute solution for the day after a holiday. Find out how an employee from T-Mobile planned a fun, successful activity for her colleagues in less than three days with help from our team.

THE QUESTION – “Do you have any last-minute activities our team can do?”

Nobody wants to be anxiously thinking about work during their time off – even if it is for something fun like a team building event.

When an employee from T-Mobile found out that she needed to organize a last-minute activity for the day after July Fourth, she knew she didn’t want to be worrying about it over the holiday.

She needed a quick and easy solution.

THE ANSWER – “Code Break”

The activity organizer reached out to our team over the weekend, and by Monday her Code Break was all set and ready to go – before the Fourth of July.

An activity-filled with brainteasers, puzzles, and riddles, Code Break was a fun and collaborative way to ease the group back into work after the mid-week holiday.

Highlights from the activity include:
  • Code Break was ready to go in less than three days, saving the activity organizer from stressing out over Fourth of July
  • All employees had the opportunity to complete engaging and challenging brainteasers right from their office
  • The challenges helped “kick-start” the group’s brainpower after the mid-week holiday
  • The activity organizer found it easy to run Code Break herself through the Outback Team Building & Training smartphone app


THE RESULTS – “Your team was very responsive.”

The group from T-Mobile loved the responsiveness and quality of service so much that the organizer has already referred two of her colleagues…

For example, one of her coworkers needed a budget activity he could do with his group – 15 minutes from when he called in. He booked right then and there and was participating in a Wild Goose Chase with his team just 15 minutes later.

“Your team was excellent to work with and very responsive, especially considering it was short notice and the day after the Fourth of July. The team really enjoyed the challenges.” 


Do you have an event that’s snuck up on you? Don’t stress! Choose from over 10 fast and fun group activities that can be set up in one week or less.



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