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Featured Event: Custom Charity Scavenger Hunt in Montréal, Quebec

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A large group from Equinix recently took part in a custom School Supply Scramble scavenger hunt through Montréal, Quebec. This global financial team had a great time completing challenges throughout the city as they assembled backpack donations for local children in need.

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Giving Back to Local Children in Montréal, Quebec

Equinix likes to include a charity component into every event they plan, and this meeting with their global financial team in Montréal was no different. They had three main goals for the event: develop and build relationships between employees, have some fun as they explored the city, and give back to the community.

After reaching out for a free consultation, the group decided to try a custom School Supply Scramble. While this charity activity usually takes place entirely indoors, the Outback Team Building & Training event coordinators were instead able to set it up so teams from Equinix needed to complete challenges all around the city in order to earn supplies for their backpack donations.

The resulting experience was a ton of fun for this group of international employees. Not only did they get to see some of the most popular landmarks in the area, such as the Montréal Observation Wheel and the Old Port of Montréal, but they also got to share a lot of laughs along the way. And in the end, teams were able to donate all of the school supply kits and backpacks to Carrefour Famillial Hochelaga, a local organization supporting families in the area.


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