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Featured Event: Cruise Line Employees Explore Whistler, BC with Amazing” Team Building Adventure”

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A group of international employees from Holland America Line Cruises headed up to Whistler, BC for a company retreat. Little did they know that this would just be the start of a great team building adventure…

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Taking on The Amazing Chase in Whistler, BC

Often, the last day of a company retreat is when things start to wind down. Employees start preparing for their return back to the office, packing their bags, and saying their goodbyes.

But for their company retreat in Whistler, BC, event organizers had something else in mind.

As a surprise for the employees attending, they ended their meetings with a team building activity: The Amazing Chase. This competitive and adventurous competition has teams go head-to-head in an interactive race to the finish line. Along the way, employees encounter “Road Block” and “Detour” challenges that require them to work together and think fast under pressure.

For this group, The Amazing Chase took them all across Whistler Village, where they were challenged to learn a unique dance routine, identify the tastes of local chocolates, and find secret landmarks hidden around the area. The activity ended with a special dinner up Whistler Mountain where teams received their awards and celebrated their victories.

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