CASE STUDY: Engineering Firm “Burns Off Steam” After Two Full Days of Meetings

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Day-long meetings can be mentally exhausting and leave your team feeling stressed and tired. Find out how Minute to Win It helped a group of engineers re-energize after two days of sitting around in a boardroom.

THE QUESTION – “What fun activity can our team do to recharge after two days of meetings?”

Being in meetings for days on end usually means that you’re stuck in the same seat for long periods of time, with the challenge of staying focused and engaged. It can be really draining.

After two full days of meetings, a group of engineers from Read Jones Christoffersen needed something exciting to recharge their group and get them moving around.

The activity needed to be interactive, energizing, and easy to do right in their meeting space.

THE ANSWER – “Minute to Win It”

Modeled after the TV game show, Minute to Win It was the perfect post-meeting activity for Read Jones Christoffersen’s group. As teams from the engineering firm worked together to complete challenges in 60 seconds or less, you could practically feel the group’s excitement and energy building.

Highlights from the activity include:
  • Interactive and physical challenges gave participants the chance to move around and “burn off steam” after sitting in a boardroom for two days

  • Teams were able to collaborate, think creatively, and strategize in a fun, low-stakes environment

  • The group from Read Jones Christoffersen was able to sit back and let our team handle all the details of planning, setting up, and executing the activity

  • No travel was necessary – our team brought Minute to Win It right to their meeting space, saving the company the hassle of moving to an off-site location after two long days of meetings

THE RESULTS – “Our staff LOVED it!”

The team from Read Jones Christoffersen was impressed with how easy it was to take part in Minute to Win It, and they raved about the good time they had…

“The event was so well organized and your team was easy to work with. Our group had tons of fun, it was very high energy and a good way to burn off steam after two intense days of meetings. The event was bright, cheery, and colorful, and the supplies arrived in good time. The event music was funky and upbeat. It was a guaranteed good time with little to no effort on our part to make it all happen. You guys did everything! Your team was friendly and upbeat, and our staff LOVED it!”

— Read Jones Christoffersen

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