Fun Team Building Games

Easy and fun team building games you can use to energize your team at the office. Use our ideas to motivate your team and make your workplace better today.

Finally, Team Building Games That Are Actually Fun!

Team building games are the perfect way to energize your next meeting or conference, help make any company outing more fun, and can even improve employee morale around the office. Whether you have half an hour or a whole afternoon – a game can be the perfect way to boost the mood of your team and get everyone cheering each other on. Talk to one of our employee engagement consultants today, and we’ll help you plan an activity tailored to your specific needs, budget, and time constraints. Here are the most popular team building games you can use to inject some fun into your next meeting, conference, employee outing, or day at the office.

Top Games for Meetings and Conferences

Employees are usually sitting down for long periods of time during meetings and conferences. Whether you are having a department discussion, a company-wide meeting, or a larger industry conference – a team building game can help to get attendees moving around and having some fun – without ever leaving your boardroom or meeting venue.

Minute to Win It

Play a series of competitive and fast-paced games in this gameshow-like competition. Challenge employees to balance balloons, flip cookies, and shoot rubber bands with only 60 seconds on the clock!
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Charity Bike Buildathon

You can play a game for charity with this philanthropic activity. Break into teams and compete to build the most amazing bicycles for local children in need.
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CI: The Crime Investigators

If your team likes solving problems, a team building game like CI: The Crime Investigators might be for you. Investigate crime scenes and try to solve a mystery in this detective simulation.
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Top Games for Employee Outings

Whether you’re planning a company picnic, a dinner out with team members, or something more unique outside of the office – a team building game can be a great addition to help your team socialize, get competitive, and have fun on the go. Check out the top team building games perfect for making any day trip or company outing more exciting:

Wild Goose Chase

Take your employees on a scavenger hunt through the city, updated with smartphone technology. Whoever completes the most challenges before time runs out wins!
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The Amazing Chase

One of the most popular team building games, The Amazing Chase has teams compete in an interactive race – just like in the TV show!
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Random Acts of Kindness

Compete to see which team can perform the most good deeds before time runs out.
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Top Games for Around the Office

You don’t have to leave the office to boost team morale and get employees working together on a fun challenge. Take a look at some of the top games below that will help transform your office environment so everyone is more relaxed, social, and excited to work together.

Team Pursuit

If your team enjoys games like Trivial Pursuit or Cranium, then Team Pursuit might be the perfect activity for them to enjoy around the office. Split into teams, employees will need to work together to complete different types of mental and physical challenges.
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Corporate Escape Rooms

Get your entire group to work together with our portable Escape Room experiences. Solve puzzles, crack codes, and decipher all the clues before time runs out!
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Clue Murder Mystery

You and your team can become detectives without ever leaving your office, as groups team up to solve a deadly mystery.
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Free Team Building Games and Activities

If you’re looking to get started right away, or sample some of our activities, you can try some of our free team building games using the guides below.

25 Team Building Challenges To Boost Office Morale

Try demo challenges for a range of our group activities, perfect for boosting office morale and energizing your team. Each challenge is a great way to bring personalities up to the surface, and can help your team to get to know the “real people” behind their email addresses. You’ll have your staff communicating and working together more effectively in no time!
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Gotcha is a fun team building game that will get your group interacting in fun and hilarious ways. Employees try to trick each other into saying secret code words in order to earn points and win the game. The seven-page guide includes all the instructions, materials, and rules you need to set up and run the game.
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