Staff Retreat Activities

Add an element of play to your next off-site corporate trip with fun, exciting, and interactive staff retreat activities and training programs.

Memorable Staff Retreat Solutions

Want to make your next staff retreat one to remember? You can help make the agenda for your retreat stand out with fun, outside-of-the-box activities and training sessions. Choose from flexible solutions that can help add an element of play to any employee retreat, and tie into your organization’s vision, core values, and goals.

Look Like a Planning Pro Without the Extra Workload

If you want to make your next staff retreat stand out but don’t have a lot of time to put towards planning the event, our team can help. When you partner with us, your retreat solution can be:


Distinctly different – You can set this staff retreat apart from previous outings with fun and interactive solutions that are unique and memorable.


Fully hosted – Your activity or training session can be hosted by our event coordinators or trained facilitators to help your team get the most out of the experience.


Simple to plan – You can impress your colleagues and look like a pro – without the extra work on your end. Our team can help take care of the details.

Flexible Staff Retreat Solutions

There’s no other business out there quite like yours. By partnering with us, your organization’s unique needs can be met with flexible solutions. For example, the activity or training program you choose can:


Take place practically anywhere, year round – regardless of the weather


Accommodate your group size – from less than 10 to more than 2,000 people


Be customized to any location – even ones you’re unfamiliar with

Top Team Building Activities

You can break up more structured and classroom-based learnings during your retreat with activities that focus on having fun and strengthening employee relationships. Your team can race around your city and take on unique challenges in The Amazing Chase, or put on their detective hats and solve clues with CI: The Crime Investigator.
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Corporate Employee Training & Development Programs

Explore all our employee training and development programs. Choose the topic and format that is most engaging for your team – from classroom-based sessions, to experiential hands-on workshops.
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Need Help Choosing an Activity?

You’re busy and likely don’t have the time to browse through all our Staff Retreat Activities. Our friendly team will work quickly to help you make a great off-site activity choice that matches your objectives, your group dynamics, and your budget.

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