Project Management Workbook

Download Your Free Guide Today - The Project Management Workbook will give you the tools you need to successfully plan, scope out, adjust, and execute a new project.

With the “Getting It Done” Workbook, you will walk through the project management process, step by step. It’ll take you through creating a successful project and business justification and getting others on board with your idea. Then, it’ll help you develop a cohesive project plan and understand the practices for successful project execution. This workbook will be your step by step guide to set you up for success in your future projects.

By completing the Workbook, you’ll gain: 

  • The ability to write a clear project statement
  • A method to evaluate all options when developing a business justification for your project
  • The tools to develop a governance strategy through stakeholder analysis
  • Practical tools & techniques to develop an effective Backward Project Plan
  • A practical review cycle in the implementation stage
  • The ability to move projects on to a successful outcome

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