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Discover why charities and non-profits choose us for their team building solutions, and how our philanthropic activities can help make it more fun, interactive, and easier for groups to donate to your cause.

Why Do Charities & Non Profits Choose Us

We often hear from charities and non-profits that they would love to do a team building activity but it’s just not within in their budget. When you work with us, you can choose from a range of flexible and budget-friendly solutions. Many of our team building activities are tiered by investment level. For example, all of our smartphone scavenger hunts and activities are available in the following price ranges:


($20 per person) A quick shot of team building that will inject energy and fun into a short amount of time.


($25-$75 per person) An activity that you run yourself through an app on your smartphone.


($50-$150 per person / minimum investment of $3,250) Our team will be on-site to run this activity for you and your group.

Our staff had a great time. The event achieved its goal of staff bonding across departments. The event coordinators were available and easy to work with at every turn. — Northview Community Church
The event was fun and there are a lot of options when it comes to types of events. Your staff were freindly and provided a great amount of detail and follow-up to inquiries. — Wounded Warrior Project
Every one of our team members mentioned how much fun they had and that Military Support Mission was one of the best team building activities they've been involved in. Just a great experience and the host and her team were awesome! An A+ event all around. — Safelite PLD
The fact that this activity makes a charitable donation says it all! Your team was amazing and flexible with us. You went above and beyond to prepare this event so it truly fit our needs. — Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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