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Check out some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers. Discover answers that will help you make an informed decision for your next event.


What do you do?

We are a leading provider of team building, training, development, team coaching, and consulting programs across the North America.

Where is your team located?

While our head office is in North Vancouver, Canada, our event coordinators are based in cities across North America. Chances are, no matter where you’re located, we have someone nearby!

What type of professional experience does your team have?

Our event coordinators and facilitators have years of experience and professional expertise. We regularly get “10/10” feedback from organizations like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Pfizer, and Samsung. Check out 'Why Customers Choose Us'for more information.

How quickly can you turn around an event?

Things come up at the last minute sometimes, don’t worry! We offer a range of flexible options for groups who are in a pinch and need something fast. The sooner you reach out for a free consultation, the sooner we can get you set up.

Why should I sign up for a free consultation?

A free consultation is your chance to get more details about the activities and programs we offer. You can tell us about your needs, and more about what exactly you’re looking for. Our team will then be able to give you expert advice as to which event is the best fit your group, and answer any other questions you have. Oh, and did we mention that it’s free?

Sign up here to get your free consultation.

Where do your events take place?

Our team runs events all across the United States, Canada, and beyond. You can request for an event coordinator to come meet your group at the location of your choice, or choose a self-guided budget-friendly activity that you can easily run yourself.

What type of venues do your events take place at?

No matter where you are, our team will come to you. We regularly run events in hotels, conference spaces, and office boardrooms. If you pick an outdoor event, our team can set up in a public space, like a nearby park or beach.

Can you provide travel to and from the event?

Our team does not provide any travel services, however we can come to your location and run your event on-site.

Do you offer a commissionable rate or net rates?

If you are a hotel or DMC looking to recommend our services to your clients, you may qualify for commissionable or net rates. Request a free consultation or ask your account manager for more details.

Team Building Activities

What types of team building do you offer?
What size groups are your team building activities for?

Any group size. Seriously – we’ve helped run team building activities for groups who had less than five people, and for large conferences of 2,000+ people.

How much does a team building activity cost?

Pricing can vary depending on the type of activity you choose, the location, group size, and the customization your request. For more details, you can download the pricing guide.

How long do your team building activities last?

Most team building activities last between two and three hours. You can also try an “Express” activity if you have less than an hour, or ask for an activity to be customized to last longer.

Can you help me choose a team building activity?

Of course! Request a free consultation, and one of our account managers will give you a call to discuss some options, based on your group size, dynamics, goals, and budget.

Can we add custom elements to a team building activity?

You can add personal touches to your team building activity, including custom challenges, themes, or storylines. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Is there a winning team?

Some activities, such as The Amazing Chase, finish off with a winning team. A little bit of competition usually makes the activity more exciting, and your event coordinator will be sure to recognize excellence on all the teams. Other activities, such as EscapeRoom: Jewel Heist, are purely collaborative.

Do you have prizes for winning teams?

In activities like The Amazing Chase, the winning team will be awarded custom medals, and, more importantly – bragging rights! If you’d like to, you can also supply and award additional prizes for winning teams.

How are smartphones used during your team building activities?

Certain activities, such as Wild Goose Chase and Team Pursuit, have challenges that can be completed using the Outback smartphone app. Teams will be able to use the app to take photos, videos, and enter text answers to earn points in the activity.

How do you choose the charities for your philanthropic events?

Our team works with a variety of local charities and non-profits, depending on your location and the type of activity you choose. If your organization has a preferred charity, we can also do our best to partner with the cause of your choice.

What types of results should I expect from team building?

This is what you want to hear: one single team building activity can fix all your problems – your revenues will increase, your employee engagement levels will rise, and your staff productivity will go way up…

…If only it were that easy! The truth is, a team building activity can help provide a boost to employee morale, but there are no guaranteed results. What team building can do is provide a fun way for employees to get to know each other better, develop deeper bonds, and practice their teamwork.

Want to see some results? Check out what our customers have said about their past team building experiences with us.

Do you offer any free team building activities?

We offer team building activities for all types of budgets. Check out the pricing guide for more details on the different investment levels you can choose from.

If you don’t have a team building budget, there are still options. The free team building game Gotcha, for example, only requires a pen, some paper, and your creativity!

Do you run events for non-corporate customers?

You don’t have to be a corporate group to try one of our activities or events. We work with all types of groups – students, friends, sports teams, and more!

What happens if we book an outdoor event and the weather is poor?

Don’t worry - your team can still participate in the activity, rain or shine!

What type of venue would you suggest for indoor activities?

For indoor activities, you just need a big open space that everyone will be able to move around in. Think meeting rooms, office spaces, conference halls, gymnasiums, or hotel boardrooms.

What discounts do you offer for non-profit organizations or charities?

You may qualify for a discount if you’re using the team building activity for a charitable cause. Request a free consultation or ask your account manager for more details.

Do your events come with food?

Most activities do not include food, but in certain culinary-focused challenges, such as Cake Creators, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Employee Training & Development Programs

What types of employee training and development programs do you offer?

Find the training and development program that’s right for your group. Choose from options such as:

Can you help me choose a training and development program?

Of course! Request a free consultation, and one of our account managers will give you a call to discuss some options, based on your group size, dynamics, goals, and budget.

What size groups are your training and development programs for?

Typically, our facilitators work with groups of between three and 30 people. Certain training programs can accommodate larger groups. Request a free consultation or ask your account manager for more details.

How much does a training and development program cost?

Pricing can vary depending on the type of program you choose, the location, group size, and customization you request. For more details, you can download the pricing guide.

How long do your training and development programs take?

Most training and development programs take between four and eight hours to complete. Team coaching and consulting programs are more in-depth, and typically last between one and five days.

Do you offer custom training and development programs?

Absolutely – speak with your account manager about what you’re looking to achieve, and one of our facilitators will work with you to create a custom program for your group.

What types of results should I expect?

Every training and development program has a specific objective that you will work with your facilitator to achieve. Speak with your account manager to ensure the program you choose aligns with the goals you have for that session.

How do I sign up for one of your classes as an individual?

The training and development programs are meant for groups to participate in together, but individuals can sign up for a private coaching consultation. For more details, you can download the pricing guide.

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