Company Outing Ideas

Make your next corporate event stand out with these exciting company outing and team building ideas that are simple to put together.

Planning Your Company Outing

Company outings offer employees the opportunity to get away from the office and get to know their peers even better through memorable team building experiences. But with heavy workloads and 24-7 lines of communication available in the modern workplace, it can be difficult to find time to step away from your desk for a cup of coffee, let alone plan and participate in a company outing or team building event.

Below, our team offers expert advice to help make the planning process easier for you. Everything from when to organize your next outing to exciting and simple team building activity ideas.

Top 3 Reasons to Plan a Company Outing


Milestone Celebrations – If your team hit all of your targets for the quarter, half year, or year, take them out to celebrate!


Start of the Year – Whether it’s the beginning of your fiscal or calendar year, start it off feeling energized with an outing that gets employees excited for the months ahead.


End of the Year – Congratulate your team on a year of hard work by offering a company-wide event that gets them out of the office as a group.

10 Team Building Ideas for Company Outings

Adding planned activities to your company outing can help you provide structure to a day away from the office, and help contribute to a smoothly run, successful event. In no particular order, here are 10 team building ideas that you can add to almost any company outing:

  1. Go on a City-Wide Scavenger Hunt – Hit the streets of your town and take on challenges to help you and your colleagues think outside of the box. Try our Wild Goose Chase or The Amazing Chase and get to know your coworkers and your city like never before!

  1. Cheer on Your Local Sports Team – Keep an eye out for tickets to all kinds of sporting events in a range of prices. You and your colleagues can enjoy a minor league hockey game, a pro baseball game, or even a university basketball game.

  1. Make Something for Charity – From holiday hampers to bicycles for children, there are lots of things you and your team can put together and donate. Activities like Charity Bike BuildathonSchool Supply Scramble, and Wheelchairs for Charity are just a few ways you and your group can give back together.

  1. Indulge Your Inner Child – For an outing like this, take inspiration from the birthday parties and family activities you attended while growing up. Think laser tag, bowling, and go kart racing!

  1. Have an Epic Picnic or BBQ – Take your team to a local park or greenspace for some food and fun! With an activity like Corporate Castaways or Picnic Party Games, you can ensure that the conversation doesn’t get stale and attendees have something to do together.

  1. Go on an Adventure – Depending on what’s in your area, you and your team can tackle a local hike, head to a nearby body of water for swimming or kayaking, or go rock climbing. For teams looking for a real adrenaline rush, you could even organize bungee jumping or river rafting!

  1. Participate in Your Own Game Show – Head to a nearby conference center or hotel and take part in a game show-style activity like Game Show Extravaganza or Minute to Win It. Just say, “Come on down,” and let the fun and team bonding begin!

  1. Challenge Your Team to “Escape” – From more traditional escape room venues to Corporate Escape Rooms that come to you, offer your colleagues the chance to work together and bond over this mind-boggling group activity.

  1. Center It Around Food – From a fancy dinner out on the town to cooking classes, you and your team can come together over a shared meal. Everybody’s got to eat, so why not make it a memorable group experience!

  1. Build Something Functional – Does your group have what it takes to put together a bridge or boat – that actually works? Collaborate with your coworkers to design, build, and test bridges in Bridge Builders, boats in Cardboard Boat Building Challenge, or planes in Eagle Glider Construction Challenge.

Why Partner with Outback Team Building & Training?

Whether you’re a group with less than 10, or more than 2,000, our solutions can be scaled to your team. Available 365 days a year, your company outing can take place rain or shine, regardless of the season. Our activities are also available in any location throughout North America and beyond. When you partner with our team on a company outing activity, your employees will get to experience the rush of success in a fun, stress-free environment.

Learn More About Team Building Activities for Your Group

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