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We've helped thousands of customers share effective and fun team building experiences. Here are a few written and video testimonials from some of our many happy customers.

Why Do Corporate Groups Choose Us

If you're part of a corporate group planning an event, we can help make sure it's fun for your colleagues and impressive for your boss. From company celebrations, to business retreats, to staff social events – you can count on our event professionals for all of your team building and employee training needs.


You’ve got specific needs and a budget. You need solutions that can be tweaked and nudged to fit your exact requirements. We’ll work with you to create a group activity that will work well and be within budget.


Your group needs to get together in a specific location. We're experienced in providing the best locations in , throughout , across Canada, the United States, and pretty much anywhere in the world.


You’ve got deadlines to meet and stakeholders with high expectations. You need quick response times to your questions. We’ll get you the information you need right away, without delay..

Our Amazing Chase event was very well organized and expertly communicated. Your Outback Team Building & Training team all had a fantastic sense of humour and our interactions with them added to the enjoyment of the event. We appreciated having a training session that was activity based and interactive versus sitting in a meeting room. We really appreciated the opportunity to see and work with each other in a different environment. While working as a team, we learned to recognize others' differences and build on our individual strengths to enhance a team's performance. — CCL Label
So it was a HIT!! The teams worked together, strategized, were challenged to be efficient, think outside the box and truly put to use the skills we want to see in the field. I can draw from this when trying to motivate the team in the future. I would absolutely do it again… the team had a fantastic time, the process and planning was seamless, and all I had to do was approve the expense - thank you! — Expedia
The professionalism of your team was truly exemplary in two facets – active listening and execution. The event started on time, staff were in position at the right time, and the event concluded within the planned window. Without a doubt we received value for our money. The experience of the staff, props used, and the fact the event was ‘managed’ throughout gave us a very designer-quality experience. Thank you for an amazing experience and I look forward to working with your organization in the future. — Paul Capital Partners
The team who came out presented well, kept it fun, and kept us on time. The activity was well-organized, and we will definitely recommend you for future events. A lot of the folks mentioned that they had never seen a team building exercise that made the groups so engaged! — PayPal
The staff was great! Loved the concept of the adventure and the tasks. It totally helped me achieve the goal of team building for our group.10/10! — Shaw Communications
On behalf of JPMorgan Canada, I would like to thank the Outback Team Building & Training team for all your help arranging our Amazing Chase. Your team of race coordinators was well organized and very professional. The event gave us a chance to get to know one another in a fun social environment, sprinkled with some healthy competition and fresh air … a nice change from the boardroom! Plus, there’s nothing like comparing aching muscles to develop great team building relationships! Once again, thanks for all your help, and for making me look like a star. — JPMorgan Canada
We had a great time and it was fun going around the city and finding/meeting new people. Very interactive! I liked how we could track the leading group and the app is easy to use! — Coca-Cola
The Express event only took one hour. It was a value-added benefit to our evening of dinner and theatre. All the people who participated enjoyed the event! — Smiles On Seventh Dental Practice
Every aspect of this event was very well organized, even to the point of bringing extra supplies as we did not have an accurate grasp of the actual number of guests attending. This event was part of a 2-1/2 day conference with many moving pieces and this was one part that I didn't have to worry about as your team took care of everything. — Royal Bank of Canada
We know it was not an easy task to accommodate all of our specific program requirements, but your team was completely open, you listened, and delivered on a truly successful custom event. Your group was so professional down to every detail. We have received very positive feedback from our employees and it exceeded our expectations. Hope to work with you in the future! — Krista Stewart Infrastructure

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