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Emily Thun

Support Coordinator. Music nerd, dog enthusiast, adventurer.

Emily is an enthusiastic young professional who is always up for trying something new. She has a passion for helping people, and a strong sense of customer service.

Her family greatly influenced her adventurous spirit by taking her on frequent camping trips and travelling around the globe with her at a young age. When she was just fourteen, Emily backpacked with her parents throughout South East Asia. More recently, she spent the summer backpacking from London to Italy, and is already starting to plan her next great trip.

A curious people-person, Emily graduated university with degrees in psychology and linguistics. She believes that she should “always be improving,” and continues to try to learn new things each day.

In her spare time, Emily bounces between hobbies like playing the ukulele, swing dancing, painting, and hopes to one day be a master of all trades. She currently spends her days hiking, playing board games with friends, and seeking out interesting local restaurants and attractions.

Contact Emily

1-800-565-8735 ex. 3137
Emily Thun