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Minute to Win It: A breath of fresh air for indoor team building

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You don’t have to wait for perfect weather to have an energizing and exciting team building experience. Your group can have a blast inside any meeting space with the indoor activity, Minute to Win It.

When you think of an energizing and exciting team building event, do you automatically think of doing activities outside?

With a dynamic indoor activity like Minute to Win It, you don’t have to wait for perfect weather to have a collaborative, fun, and fast-paced team building experience.

Minute to Win It can help you add a little friendly competition and inject some energy into your next corporate event at any indoor venue, such as your:

  • Office space
  • Conference centre room
  • Hotel meeting space
  • Local recreation centre or gymnasium
  • Retreat location


How Does Minute to Win It Work?

Your group will get into teams of six to eight people, and take part in a series of 60-second challenges, designed to help your team feel engaged and get excited. Each group will need to work together to strategize in order to earn the most points before time runs out!

Watch Minute to Win It in Action

Minute to Win It Example Challenges

Check out the below example challenges to get an idea of what Minute to Win It is like.

  • On the Rebound: In this challenge, two team members tie clipboards around their waist and stand above a bucket. The rest of the team members take turns tossing ping pong balls against the clipboards and into the buckets.

    • Scoring:10 points for every ping pong ball in the buckets at the end

  • Rapid Fire: Teams shoot rubber bands at a stack of six solo cups, stacked in a pyramid on top of a table. Participants can only shoot one rubber band at a time, and must start with the top cup before they can move onto the second row, and so on.

    • Scoring: 10 points for every cup knocked down in order

  • Face the Cookie: Each player starts by balancing a cookie on their forehead. From there, they will try to shift the cookie from their forehead into their mouth without dropping it or using their hands.

    • Scoring: 10 points per cookie successfully brought from the forehead to chin

What Our Customers Are Saying About Minute to Win It

Many of my attendees came up to me after the event and told me how much fun it was. The event was exactly what I was looking for to get and keep the members engaged! The event was well-organized and I would have your team back again in a heartbeat!” Ohio Network of Physician Recruiters

Find out more about Minute to Win It or any other indoor team building solutions by getting in touch with us at 1-800-565-8735, via email at info@outbackteambuilding.com, or by requesting a callback using our Contact Us form.


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