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What started out as a small adventure company, quickly grew into North America’s leading team building and corporate training provider. Here's our story...

Back in 1992, two brothers named James and Steve Corbett started Outback Adventures & Events, an adventure company that sold paddling and hiking expeditions. As the business grew, so did the types of activities that the company offered.

Then one day in 2000, one of our long-time customers at McDonalds asked about the possibility of creating a team event based on the popular TV show, “Survivor.” Never shy of getting our hands dirty, we worked day and night to build castaway-themed challenges. The event ended up being a huge success and went on to become our very first team building activity.

Since then, we have created over 30 unique team building activities for corporate groups across North America. Many of our team building activities are still based on popular TV shows, but we also offer charity, budget-friendly, and social networking events. We’ve also developed our range of activities to fit any group size, dynamic, ability, and location.

In 2015, we introduced training and development programs run by professional facilitators who specialize in skill development and experiential learning. These popular programs are interactive and effective ways to develop the skills of any team. They focus on topics such as leadership, management, sales, communication, and team dynamics.  

That same year, we also began offering coaching and consulting programs for leadership teams. These multi-day programs help companies get to the heart of their professional challenges and uncover new opportunities within their businesses.

In 2018, we officially changed our name to Outback Team Building & Training to better reflect the services our company offers. To date, we have helped over 14,000 corporate groups across North America build better relationships through memorable experiences.

Our mission is to be recommended, flexible, and fast. We always put our customers first, take action, pay great attention to detail, look for ways to improve, take accountability, and provide honest feedback. These are the core values that help us achieve our goals and exceed our customers’ expectations.

"I regard our employees as our most valuable asset. Their energy is infectious. In terms of culture, we ‘walk the talk’ and work very hard to provide a stimulating and rewarding environment in which to work, and try to ensure our colleagues understand how much we value them as people, and as employees." ~ Jamie Corbett, Founder and Chairman, Outback Team Building & Training.