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Elevate your team experiences with Outback Team Building & Training, the leading team building and employee training provider in North America. Learn more about us, and how we can help bring your team closer together.

About Outback Team Building & Training

Outback Team Building & Training is your ultimate resource for recommended, flexible, and fast team building, training, and consulting. Software engineers, destination management companies, and university professors don’t appear to have too much in common. So, why do these diverse groups all trust us to deliver their team building and employee training solutions – even though they have very different needs and requirements? You can elevate your team experiences by partnering with us on:

  • Team building activities: A wide variety of fun and entertaining team building activities that can help you celebrate company achievements, reward employees, and add value to team meetings, corporate retreats, conferences, and orientations.
  • Smartphone activities: A new type of budget-friendly and mobile team building experience. Teams can complete photo, video, text, and trivia challenges using their smartphones, and stay connected with a live leaderboard and activity stream.
  • Employee training and professional development programs: Employee training and development programs are custom and interactive learning opportunities run by professional facilitators.

Our team takes the stress out of running these activities, so you can relax and focus on what’s most important to you. Our goal is to ensure that you and your group have an outstanding experience that achieves your goals, and brings your entire team closer together.

Team Building | Training & Development | Coaching & Consulting

Trusted team building events and activities for any group

Regardless of your group size, dynamic, ability, or budget, there are a variety of team building activities for you to choose from. Strengthen your team’s relationships as they work together to complete a range of different types of challenges.

Effective and interactive training and development programs

Help your team grow and become even more impactful in their roles with effective and memorable training and development programs. Find sessions and workshops that focus on everything from leadership, to communication, to performance.

In-depth coaching and consulting sessions with sustainable results

Tackle your business challenges head on with support and guidance from our experienced coaches and consultants. Your team can become better aligned and learn how to move your company forward with our in-depth coaching and consulting programs..

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