Brynne S

Event Coordinator. Lover of travel, good food, and laughter.
brynne sucharyna

Ever since she was a teenager, you could rely on Brynne to put together an entertaining event. This is most likely because of her sense of creativity, outgoing nature, and ability to surround herself with fun-loving people. One of Brynne’s biggest motivators when coordinating any event is the chance to witness people having a great time.

Growing up, Brynne has always loved good food and cooking with her family. Since travelling to new countries and trying all kinds of cuisine, her love of food has become a passion. While abroad, Brynne also enjoyed learning about different cultures, and experiencing the diversity each place had to offer. Some of her favourite memories include visiting museums, admiring architecture in large old cities, and taking in scenic landscapes that she found off the beaten path.

Brynne spends her free time at the beach enjoying the sun, biking with friends, and cooking new recipes with her husband. She is also an active volunteer in her community.