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Train your team with half-day skill development programs in Memphis. Develop key abilities that will help make your team more effective, and have a direct impact on your bottom line.


Situational Leadership Styles

Learn how Situational Leadership Styles can help leaders perform even more effectively by identifying their own inherent styles and understanding how their employees want to be led.


Self-Discovery with Myers-Briggs

Learn how Self-Discovery with Myers-Briggs can help employees identify work environments where they thrive and tasks at which they excel.


Building Strategic Teams with StrengthsFinder

Learn how StrengthsFinder helps identify the strengths of your individual team members and gain actionable insight into how to leverage those strengths strategically to build strong teams.


Discovering Workstyles with DiSC

Learn how your team’s DiSC assessments can help identify distinct personal workstyles amongst colleagues and enhance collaboration and communication by providing insight into how different workstyles work best together.

Emotional Intelligence

With the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) leadership training and development program, you can develop your team’s self-awareness and social skills.

Conflict Resolution

The Conflict Resolution program can help your team learn how to turn a negative clash with a colleague into an opportunity to strengthen relationships.

Coaching Fundamentals

The Coaching Fundamentals program can help your leadership team learn constructive ways to nurture the people they’re accountable for.

Advanced Coaching

Advanced Coaching is a training course for leaders ready to master their existing coaching skills.

Positive Team Dynamics

The Positive Team Dynamics training program can help you enhance how employees work together and create a framework for a successful team.

Practical Time Management

The Practical Time Management training program can help your team learn how to minimize distractions and make the most of their time at the office.

Clear Communication

The Clear Communication training program can help your team become effective communicators, and develop both verbal and written communication skills.

The Power Of Negotiation

The Power of Negotiation training and development program can help your team learn the tools and techniques to become effective and powerful negotiators.

Impactful Presentation Skills

Learn how to prepare and deliver more effective presentations with the Impactful Presentation Skills training program.

Effective Meetings

The Effective Meetings program can help you and your team learn how to prepare, run, participate, and follow through more effectively each time you meet.

Confident Decision Making

A fun training workshop for teams who want to make business choices more effectively, both individually and as a group.

Active Employee Engagement

Teaches your team the top strategies and tactics to help drive employee engagement within your organization.

Performance Management Fundamentals

A training program that teaches participants a foundation of simple and effective management skills.

Productive Feedback & Performance Reviews

A training program that helps your team share feedback in a more positive and impactful way.

Accelerated Selling

Train your team on strategies and tactics they can use to improve their sales skills and smash their monthly targets.

Custom Training

Develop your leaders with a Custom Training program. Cover topics important to your business with tailored skills training designed just for your team.


Skill development and training programs can help provide your team with the tools and support they need to succeed in their roles. Choose from a range of training solutions that can help positively impact employee performance, and help hone abilities, such as time management, presentation skills, and sales techniques.


Our team of professional facilitators can come to your office or meeting space to give your management team a structured training session. Each session is designed to be interactive – so your team can also practice what they learn, including popular topics such as:

  • Providing effective feedback – One of the biggest challenges new managers face is providing effective feedback to the members of their team. Learn how to give feedback that will makes a difference with a program like Clear Communication.
  • Making time for everything – Managers need to make time for coaching employees, keeping their team on track, setting departmental strategy, and performing in their own role as well. Develop your team’s time management skills with programs like Practical Time Management and Effective Meetings.
  • Being too “hands-off” or “hands-on” – Striking a balance between a manager who micro-manages employees and a totally “hands-off” manager can take years of practice. Help your managers find their own balance with a Coaching program.
  • Solving problems on the team – As a manager, the leaders on your team cannot ignore conflict or brush it under the rug. Learn how to turn conflict into a reason for positive change with the Conflict Resolution training and development program.
  • Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses – No leader will get very far if they are not self-aware enough to recognize their own shortcomings. Develop your team’s self-awareness with the Emotional Intelligence program.