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Get hands-on with experiential training programs in Charlotte. These interactive activities and workshops help bring your learning to life, so employees can practice new concepts and skills.

8 Productive Practices Of Peak Performing People

Your team will surprise you with what is possible after only a few minutes time using highly productive practices.

Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership Adventure is a fully interactive training session exploring leadership stage by stage.

Creating Mission, Vision And Values

Identify, understand and define the core values that will impact every aspect of your business.

Custom Training

Develop your leaders with a Custom Training program. Cover topics important to your business with tailored skills training designed just for your team.


Experiential training programs are different from traditional training because they include elements of fun learning to help make them effective and memorable. Participants won't be sitting down, they'll be up and moving around – practicing and developing their skills through teamwork activities and challenges.

If your team learns new concepts best through hands-on and interactive activities, our experiential learning programs do a great job of really bringing the learning to life. Barriers fall and resistance fades away when people enjoy the training they get. Your team will participate in cleverly-designed, thought-provoking activities related to your desired learning outcomes. The result? Education with retention. Your people will recall and use what they learn.


Every experiential training program includes effective, memorable, and fun elements to help benefit your business.

#1. Effective – All of the training programs are run by professional facilitators. Each facilitator brings to the table a lifetime of business experience, having worked as consultants, coaches, psychologists, and CEOs.

#2. Memorable – Each experiential training program is designed to be memorable, so the skills employees learn are remembered long-term.

#3. Fun – When training is fun, employees won't even realize they're learning. From practicing sales techniques while dressed up as ninjas, to multi-tasking a series of simple challenges while learning time management skills – hands-on elements of fun help to engage your employees.