Organize an emergency rescue mission with your team to find a missing person.

Quick Facts
Activity Level
Event Duration
3 - 4 hours
Team Size
3 - 10
Group Size
25 - 2,000+
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What Is Kidnapped! A Rescue Mission?

Kidnapped! A Rescue Mission is a hands-on activity that is available anywhere in North America, any time, and for any group size. As you and your team try to track down a “notorious kidnapper,” you’ll have the chance to learn new skills as a group and collaborate in a memorable way.

Here's how it works...

  1. 1
    Your group will be surprised by a “masked bandit” who will kidnap a “victim”
  2. 2
    Try to track down the kidnapper by completing team challenges
  3. 3
    Piece together evidence you find along the way to solve the crime!
The event was fun, interactive, and I have heard nothing but positive feedback from my team. The look of shock on my teammates’ faces was awesome. I think it was the curiosity and mystery of the event that made it exciting. Your team was great.


The Perfect Activity for Groups Who Are:


Mixing up departments and personalities is no problem for your group. Colleagues enjoy collaborating, and they look forward to getting to know each other even better.


The opportunity to tackle physical challenges has your team pumped up and ready to go. They’re excited by the idea of getting out of their seats and burning off some steam.


Your group would like to get something extra out of their team building. They are looking for fun ways to practice business skills, like leadership, communication, and problem solving.

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What's Included With Your Kidnapped! A Rescue Mission


  • All materials to complete challenges
  • All evidence and crime scene materials
  • Free media package with event photos


  • On-site events team
  • All set up and tear down
  • Closing ceremony to end your event and review key takeaways

Customer Support

  • Pre-event telephone communication
  • Full-service event-day package
  • Post-event follow-up and support
$7,500 minimum investment

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