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Wow your students and faculty by introducing them to each other, your campus with fun, interactive, and informative team building activities. Schools and universities find our solutions ideal for their orientations, back-to-school outings, year-round social events, and team bonding activities.

Why do schools and universities choose us?

In search of an activity for a student orientation, a faculty social event, or a varsity team bonding experience? You can work with our team to connect the different groups on campus with exciting and engaging team building solutions that can help:

Introduce new students

Modern day scavenger hunt activities, such as Campus Goose Chase, can help new students get to know their classmates and campus as they complete interactive and informative challenges through an app on their smartphones.

Reconnect your faculty

After the holidays, our team can help you bring your teaching staff back together with fun and engaging activities, such as Wild Goose Chase. Faculty members can work together with teachers from other departments, and have a chance to “let loose” before another school year begins.

Bond varsity teams

Jumpstart the chemistry your varsity team will need to succeed with team building activities that can help them come out of their comfort zones and bond with their teammates, such as Urban Fear Factor.

In one word, FUN. All of the participants had a great time, and one of them told me that it was the best professional development they had done ever. We very deliberately broke up groups and had people work with colleagues they had not worked with before. One participant said it allowed her to make connections with colleagues that she had not been able to make before and it helped to bond staff members more. The smiles and laughter at the end of the day said it all. — Lakewood Elementary
This was truly an event that anyone could do. We do have some people who are physically challenged and this event eliminates that issue. If care is taken with the formation of the teams, it also allows the more timid staff to feel less conspicuous when you have them teamed with some extroverts. I thought it was the perfect team building exercise. — Douglas College
The activity was perfect for our Central Office Kick Off. There were plenty of options to choose from that were appropriate for our group. Overall, a great team building activity! We also appreciated that it helps build good will and had people focus on doing good in a fun way. The app was so easy to use and the instructions were easy to follow. — St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Schools
We had a great event with very little up front planning time needed on our part. The app worked really well - it was fun tracking teams' progress. Our pictures were terrific! — Bearspaw School
I loved that we were all able to get together in teams of people from around the company. We do not always get a chance to do this, so it was a great experience to be able to run around the city and work together with people from our fabulous company. It was a huge surprise and a huge success. We loved being outside, being silly and working as a team. I think the event was pretty spectacular and at this time I cannot think of any improvements. It was very well done! — Summit Kids
The entire day was perfectly executed by the team that facilitated the events. All our staff were able to show their strengths in completing the tasks which were challenging but very obtainable. It was a fantastic end to our summer and an even more fantastic way for our teachers to begin the school year as one cohesive group! — Rippleton Roadsters Child Care
The event was a great team building exercise, perfect for companies to participate in. It gives you a chance to work together and show how everyone's skills and talents can be put together to help solve many of the puzzles. I would definitely recommend this event. The team was interactive, fun, and enthusiastic. They were well organized and on time. We were very happy with the experience in service we received. — Ministry of Education
Great fun, well organized, and the app was easytouse. It was excellent for a work event, and your team was very friendly and responsive during the planning process. — DeVry University
Your employees do an excellent job at providing a perfect experience for the client, and planning the event from top to bottom. My coaches enjoyed the event so much that they will be looking to sign up their own individual teams. My administration is interested in this for next year as well. Thank you.10/10! — Edgewater High School Athletics
Our staff had a wonderful time. The app was easy to use, and the directions were easy to follow. We loved it. Your team was the best; they were patient, informative, and pleasant to deal with. I appreciate all that you did to make this event possible for us.10/10! — Pre-K 4 San Antonio

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