Sarah Stevens

Human Resources Manager, foodie, music enthusiast, trivia champion and dog fanatic.
sarah stevens

You can’t spell Sarah without HR! This undeniable fact, in combination with Sarah’s natural people skills, are what sparked her passion for a career in human resources. Sarah brings to Outback a progressive perspective, built from her experience in providing HR services in a diverse range of industries.

From a young age, Sarah has been very musically inclined. Heavily influenced from hearing her parents’ music collection growing up, she now has quite the collection of her own. It is rare to find her in a room without music playing or hearing her sing, and she can also play the trumpet and guitar. No wonder her dog is named after Barbra Streisand!

In her spare time, you’ll find Sarah going on long and scenic runs, competing in pub trivia, traveling the world, and cooking with lots of butter for her friends and family. If you ever need someone to quote Seinfeld episodes, ask for Sarah!