Heather H

Event Coordinator. Athlete, organic gardener, and butterfly farmer.
heather h

Heather dabbled in softball, tennis, basketball, and soccer before finding her true love – volleyball. She played competitively in high school and college and spent 12 seasons on the pro beach volleyball tour.

Her passion for team sports led to a career working with corporate teams, providing workshops that entertain, engage, and educate people.

At home, you will find Heather in the garden or with her dog, Kalani, and cat, Sakaki. She grows organic vegetables for her family, as well as plants that act as food for caterpillars that eventually become butterflies. Throughout the year, she raises hundreds of butterflies of numerous varieties, including monarch, swallowtail, fritillary, and sulphur.

Heather believes in lifelong learning, having graduated university for Journalism and recently added Associate degrees in Human Services; Social & Behavioral Science; Supervision & Management; and Emergency Management/Homeland Security to her formal education.