Grahame Griffin

Employee Engagement Consultant. Passionate, adventurous, optimistic.
grahame griffin headshot

Grahame is an inquisitive individual who has spent plenty of time exploring the many facets of life on planet earth. Seldom satisfied with reading about experiences, he has jumped headfirst into many different roles and activities. Spending time working in finance, automotive, resource extraction, retail, hospitality, and others has provided him with the intimate knowledge that comes from serving in those positions. 

With a passion for all things nature, he has spent hundreds of days camping and exploring the great outdoors. Grahame has led many canoe trips through locations ranging from Provincial and National Parks in both Canada and the USA to extremely remote wilderness areas. Often these places were devoid of any services, leaving Grahame several days or weeks paddle away from the nearest road. He has also had the privilege of working in the natural resource extraction industry. This found him located far enough north in the Rocky Mountains and east of the Alaskan panhandle that dusk became dawn without the darkness of night ever making an appearance. 

Grahame is a caring individual who truly loves helping people who can benefit from his assistance, whether that’s helping a stranger jump-start their car or serving a client’s needs. He thrives on ensuring the work has been done to everyone’s satisfaction.