Silas Kemble

Marketing Coordinator. Designer, athlete, and outdoor enthusiast.
silas kemble 1

Silas discovered his passion for exploring the great outdoors at a very young age when he began mountain biking competitively. These days, he doesn’t cycle as much as he used to, but instead enjoys hiking through the mountains in pursuit of increasingly breathtaking vantage points. Often, Silas finds himself entranced by the landscapes, mountain vistas, and fresh air that surround him in the wilderness.

And while Silas strongly values being active outdoors, he equally recognizes the importance of stimulating one’s mind. In recent years, his primary mental stimulus has been design. He takes a minimalistic and functional approach to his work, which is heavily inspired by famous typographer, Beatrice Warde.

Staying true to his explorative nature, Silas has recently decided to invest in purchasing a motorcycle. His plan is to soon begin exploring the country on two wheels, sharing the adventure with his brother and father.