Dolena M

Event Coordinator. Adventurer, Proud Dog Momma, and Go-Getter.
Dolena Matthews Headshot

If you’re out on a trail or paddling on a lake, you are likely to cross paths with Dolena and her dog, Apollo. Her passion for the outdoors has been influenced from her time in the Canadian Armed Forces where she works part-time as an Officer in the Cadet Instructor Cadre. Canoeing, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, or boarding a plane to find her next adventure is what fuels her.

If you were to describe Dolena in two words, it would be outgoing and charismatic. This is also why she loves the event world! Ever since she was a kid, she has been organizing parties, events, and trips—anything she could get her hands on!

Her passion for event planning has led her to the high Canadian Arctic all the way down under to Australia. When she isn’t in event mode or planning her next trip, Dolena loves hanging out with Apollo, watching movies, and training in Krav Maga.