Carrie H

Event Coordinator. A travel loving sports fan who enjoys cooking, spontaneous dance parties and hiking with her husband and dog.
carrie hodgkins

Growing up the only girl in a large family, Carrie was never one for sitting still. Her love for adventure has taken her backpacking across America, and to living abroad in Europe. Carrie loves connecting with people from around the world and using these experiences to inspire her trips.

With a background in the performing arts, Carrie loves being an event coordinator because it is a perfect match for her high energy, challenge loving personality. As a sports fan she particularly enjoys team building events for the competitive spirit it brings out in the participants.

When there isn’t work to be done, Carrie has lots of interests to keep her moving. Her ever growing list includes pilates, cooking, classic cocktails (particularly of the whisky variety), hiking with her husband and dog, spontaneous dance parties with friends, and hanging out with her family.