Brooke N

Event Coordinator. Adventurer, mentor, and devoted lover of Mexican food.
brooke nielson

Brooke grew up with a love and appreciation for the majestic desert. Many visits to the Grand Canyon gave her the itch to explore, and inspired her to see what other grand things the world had to offer.

Growing up, she enjoyed going on camping trips, exploring forests and mountains, and taking frequent trips to the beach. Having only brothers, Brooke developed her competitive side quite early on and spent much of her youth involved in sports, such as tennis, golf, softball, swimming, and competitive cheerleading.

In college, Brooke learned the value of the dollar and began saving for great adventures. After studying abroad in Florence, Italy, she began traveling the world, and made it a personal goal to visit one new place each year.

Planning events is a great passion of Brooke’s. Her endless energy is best used when getting a crowd excited to participate in fun activities. She has experience in planning a whole array of events, from music festivals and weddings, to sporting events and firework shows.

Brooke spends her free time going on day trips to funky towns, scuba diving, flying on a trapeze, spending time with friends and family, and mentoring high school students.