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Kavian Iranzad

Employee Engagement Consultant. Rock musician, and sports oracle.

Kavian has always been a huge fan of team sports, and grew up playing everything from football to soccer while he was in school. Really, he enjoyed playing any type of game where he got to be part of a team, and found that these early experiences helped cultivate a desire within himself for camaraderie, competition, and personal achievement.

That’s part of the reason Kavian loves being a member of the Outback Team Building & Training team. He enjoys being able to partner with other organizations to plan their team building events, and gets a real kick out of hearing about all the fun participants had afterwards.

In addition to his love of sports, Kavian also has a passion for music. By the age of 14, Kavian had taught himself how to read and write music, and learned how to become a proficient guitar player. He practiced a lot over the next few years, and ended up graduating university with a Bachelor of Arts and a major in music, despite not having any prior formal musical training.

In his spare time, Kavian plays in a hard rock band called Sleepcircle, and aspires to one day travel the world on tour with his fellow bandmates.

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1-800-565-8735 ex. 3127
Kavian Iranzad