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Karim Ladki

Employee Engagement Consultant. A difference maker, entrepreneur, and surfer.

Growing up with a diverse family background, Karim had the opportunity to start exploring the world at a very young age. Learning different languages, cultures, and beliefs, Karim has always loved finding connections with people and places.

At the age of 21, Karim broke his C7 vertebra, leaving him with months of recovery. As a result of his healing process, he went on to create an action-sporting company for people living with physical disabilities, called 9Lives Adventures.

Since then, he has worked on creating innovative new events, such as Wheelchair Skateboarding and Inclusive Adventure Racing. Karim has been recognized as “A Difference Maker” by the Rick Hansen Foundation, and has spoken to many schools about his experiences on his path of healing and entrepreneurship.

When Karim isn’t working on a passion project, you can find him going on hikes with his dog Zia, hitting the slopes with his friends, or enjoying the surf – a place where he feels the most at home and at peace.

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1-800-565-8735 ex. 3118
Karim Ladki