The marketing team are responsible for helping to generate new inquires for our business, and educate, inform, and persuade customers.  They are responsible for customer acquisition and retention, as well as the brand and reputation of our organization.

The team focuses primarily on online marketing, as this is how we generate the vast majority of our opportunities, and where we spend most of our time and effort.  We are always looking to produce timely, relevant, and meaningful content that has real purpose, and helps to drive results.

In addition to online communications, the marketing team manage all content that goes out to customers in print, via email, and in person.  That means a lot of planning, organization, and focus on delivery.  They also spend time providing valuable marketing research and analytics to help us stay up to date and informed.

The team is made up of a marketing manager, copywriter, and coordinator.  The manager heads up the team and looks after all the strategy, planning, and execution.  The copywriter is responsible for content generation and works closely with the coordinator who publishes content online, via email, and in print.

Key accountabilities:

Skills, qualities, and experience:

Who we're looking for…

Have you ever heard of A-Players? They are the kind of people who always work hard and strive for success. They like to be surrounded by others like them who are passionate, hardworking, and take pride in everything they do. They aim to be the very best they can be every single day. Our A-Players all align with our core values.

Our successful candidates go to great lengths to learn about who we are and what we do.  If all of this resonates with you, and you truly believe that you have what it takes to stand out from all the other candidates, then we strongly encourage you to apply. We look forward to receiving your application!

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